Ohio Traffic Laws

Traffic Ticket Information Guide

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Ohio Traffic Laws

Ohio has 125,107 miles of public roads. If you received a traffic ticket anywhere in Ohio you have come to the right website. A full list of your options for satisfying your traffic citation is on the back of the citation. You have thirty days from the date of the citation to take action on your traffic ticket. You can pay it, fight it, or elect traffic school.

Do not pay your traffic ticket before considering the following. By paying your traffic ticket you are admitting guilt. Points will be assessed against your driver's license. That could result in a sharp increase in your auto insurance premiums. If you receive too many points and your license will be suspended or revoked.

Because these secondary costs are so high you should take some time to review your options. This website was designed by a traffic ticket attorney to put everything that you need to know about how to handle your Ohio traffic ticket at your fingertips. However, this guide is not a substitute for a consultation with a Ohio traffic ticket attorney.

    • Click on Ohio Traffic Code to read the specific section of the Ohio Revised Code that you were cited for violating on your traffic ticket infraction. If the officer wrote the wrong statute number on your ticket, an experienced Ohio traffic ticket attorney may be able to get your ticket dismissed in Court.
    • Click on Ohio Point System to find out how many points you would get on your driver's license if you pay your traffic ticket, or are found guilty at trial.
    • Click on Ohio Courts to find the address, phone number, and web address of the Traffic Court in the County where you received your ticket, and additional information specific to that County, or Municipal Court.
    • Click on Ohio BMV (Bureau of Motor Vehicles) to find the address, phone number, and hours of operation for the Deputy Registrar License Agencies, Driver License Reinstatement Centers, Driver Exam Stations, and County Clerk of Courts Title Offices.
    • Click on Contact Attorney to learn about the benefits of hiring a traffic ticket attorney. You can fill out a form to have of traffic ticket attorney that practices in the county where you received your ticket contact you. This is great reference for truck drivers or tourists that received a ticket while driving through the state. This is one of the few sites that can put you in contact with an attorney that can help you in any one of Ohio's 88 counties.

      This website was created by a traffic ticket attorney to help you determine how to best handle your traffic ticket. Good luck resolving your traffic ticket!