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Ohio Traffic Laws

2013 Ohio Traffic Revised Code

Below is a list of the Ohio statutes dealing with traffic laws. You can click on the links to review the statute that you are being charged with violating on your traffic ticket citation. A simple reading of the Ohio traffic codes may not be enough for you to defend your traffic ticket by yourself at trial. You may need an experienced Ohio traffic ticket attorney who has studied the Ohio traffic laws, and is familiar with the Ohio Traffic Rules to help you obtain the best possible results.



Chapter 4511 - TRAFFIC LAWS

4511.01 [Effective Until 1/1/2017]Traffic laws - operation of motor vehicles definitions.

4511.01 [Effective 1/1/2017] Traffic laws - operation of motor vehicles definitions.

4511.011 Designating freeway, expressway, and thruway.

4511.02 Amended and Renumbered RC 2921.331.

4511.03 Emergency vehicles at red signal or stop sign.

4511.031 Portable preemption signal devices prohibited.

4511.04 Exception to traffic rules.

4511.041 Exceptions to traffic rules for emergency or public safety vehicle responding to emergency call.

4511.042 Exceptions to traffic rules for coroner's vehicles.

4511.05 Persons riding or driving animals upon roadways.

4511.051 Freeways - prohibited acts.

4511.06 Applicability and uniformity of traffic laws.

4511.07 Local traffic regulations.

4511.071 No liability for lessor under written lease.

4511.08 Use of private property for vehicular travel.

4511.09 Manual for uniform system of traffic control devices.

4511.091 Arrest or citation of driver based on radar, timing device or radio message from another officer.

4511.092 Procedure where motor vehicle lessor receives ticket for lessee violation.

4511.093 Ticket, summons, or citation for secondary traffic offense.

4511.094 Signs required for photo-monitoring devices.

4511.10 Placement and maintenance of traffic control devices.

4511.101 Placement of business logos on directional signs along interstates.

4511.102 Tourist-oriented directional sign program definitions.

4511.103 Administrative rules for placement of tourist-oriented directional signs and trailblazer markers.

4511.104 Participation in tourist-oriented directional sign program.

4511.105 Tourist-oriented directional signs to conform to federal manual of uniform traffic control devices.

4511.106 Local tourist-oriented directional sign programs.

4511.107 Acquiring outdoor advertising devices.

4511.108 Traffic generator sign program.

4511.11 Local conformity to manual for uniform system of traffic control devices.

4511.12 Obedience to traffic control devices.

4511.121 Bypassing vehicle weighing locations.

4511.13 Highway traffic signal indications; section not applicable to railroad crossings.

4511.131 Lane-use control signal indications.

4511.132 Operation at intersections with malfunctioning traffic control signal lights.

4511.14 Special pedestrian control signals.

4511.15 [Repealed] .

4511.16 Unauthorized sign or signal resembling a traffic control device.

4511.17 Tampering with traffic control device, freshly applied pavement material, manhole covers.

4511.18 Purchase, possession or sale of traffic control device.

4511.181 OVI definitions.

4511.19 Operating vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs - OVI.

4511.191 Implied consent.

4511.192 Advice to OVI arrestee.

4511.193 Portion fine deposited in municipal or county indigent drivers alcohol treatment fund.

4511.194 Having physical control of vehicle while under the influence.

4511.195 Seizing and detaining vehicle if operator has prior conviction.

4511.196 Initial appearance.

4511.197 Appeal of implied consent suspension.

4511.198 Limited driving privileges - remote continuous alcohol monitor.

4511.20 Operation in willful or wanton disregard of the safety of persons or property.

4511.201 Operation off street or hwy in willful or wanton disregard of the safety of persons or property.

4511.202 Operation without being in reasonable control of vehicle, trolley, or streetcar.

4511.203 Wrongful entrustment of motor vehicle.

4511.204 Driving while texting.

4511.205 Use of devices by persons under 18 years of age.

4511.21 Speed limits - assured clear distance.

4511.211 Establishing speed limit on private road or driveway.

4511.212 Complaint of noncompliance by local authority with school zone sign laws.

4511.213 Approaching stationary public safety vehicle displaying emergency light.

4511.214 [Effective 1/1/2017]Operation of low-speed, under-speed, or utility vehicle, or a mini-truck.

4511.215 [Effective 1/1/2017] Local authorization for operation of low-speed, under-speed, or utility vehicle, or a mini-truck.

4511.22 Slow speed.

4511.23 Speed limits on bridges.

4511.24 Speed limits not applicable to emergency or public safety vehicles.

4511.25 Lanes of travel upon roadways of sufficient width.

4511.251 Street racing.

4511.252 Closing roads for supervised sports car racing.

4511.26 Vehicles traveling in opposite directions.

4511.27 Overtaking and passing of vehicles proceeding in the same direction.

4511.28 Overtaking and passing upon the right of another vehicle.

4511.29 Driving to left of center of roadway in overtaking and passing traffic proceeding in same direction.

4511.30 Driving upon left side of roadway.

4511.31 Establishing hazardous zones.

4511.32 One-way traffic - rotary islands.

4511.33 Driving in marked lanes.

4511.34 Space between moving vehicles.

4511.35 Divided roadways.

4511.36 Rules for turns at intersections.

4511.37 Turning in roadway prohibited - exceptions.

4511.38 Rules for starting and backing vehicles.

4511.39 Turn and stop signals.

4511.40 Hand and arm signals.

4511.41 Right-of-way rule at intersections.

4511.42 Right-of-way rule when turning left.

4511.43 Right-of-way rule at through highways, stop signs, yield signs.

4511.431 Stop prior to driving on sidewalk area.

4511.432 Stop signs on private residential road or driveway.

4511.44 Right-of-way at highway from any place other than another roadway.

4511.441 Right-of-way of pedestrian on sidewalk.

4511.45 Right-of-way of public safety or coroner's vehicle.

4511.451 Right-of way of funeral vehicle.

4511.452 Right-of-way yielded by pedestrian to public safety vehicle.

4511.453 Immunity of funeral home operator.

4511.46 Right-of-way of pedestrian within crosswalk.

4511.47 Right-of-way of blind person.

4511.48 Right-of-way yielded by pedestrian.

4511.481 Intoxicated or drugged pedestrian on highway.

4511.49 Pedestrians on right half of crosswalk.

4511.491 Motorized wheelchair operator has rights and duties of pedestrian.

4511.50 Pedestrian walking in roadway.

4511.51 Hitchhiking - soliciting employment, business, or contributions from occupant of vehicle.

4511.511 Pedestrian on bridge or railroad grade crossing.

4511.512 Operation of electric personal assistive mobility devices.

4511.52 Bicycles - issuance of ticket - points not assessed.

4511.521 Operation of motorized bicycles.

4511.522 [Repealed].

4511.53 [Effective Until 1/1/2017]Operation of bicycles, motorcycles and snowmobiles.

4511.53 [Effective 1/1/2017]Operation of bicycles, motorcycles and snowmobiles.

4511.54 Prohibition against attaching bicycles and sleds to vehicles.

4511.55 Operating bicycles and motorcycles on roadway.

4511.56 Bicycle signal devices.

4511.57 Passing on left side of streetcar.

4511.58 Vehicle shall not pass streetcar discharging passengers - exception.

4511.59 Driving and turning in front of streetcars.

4511.60 Driving through safety zone.

4511.61 Stop signs at dangerous highway crossings over railroad tracks.

4511.62 Stopping at railroad grade crossing.

4511.63 Stopping at grade crossings.

4511.64 Slow-moving vehicles or equipment crossing railroad tracks.

4511.65 Designation of through highways.

4511.66 Prohibition against parking on highways.

4511.661 Unattended motor vehicles.

4511.67 Police may remove illegally parked vehicle.

4511.68 Parking - prohibited acts.

4511.681 Parking on private property - prohibited acts.

4511.69 Parking requirements.

4511.70 Obstructing view and control of driver - opening door into moving traffic.

4511.701 Occupying moving trailer prohibited.

4511.71 Prohibition against driving upon closed highway.

4511.711 Driving on sidewalk.

4511.712 Obstructing intersection.

4511.713 Use of bicycle paths.

4511.72 Following an emergency or public safety vehicle too closely.

4511.73 Driving over unprotected fire hose.

4511.74 Placing injurious material on highway.

4511.75 Stopping for stopped school bus.

4511.751 School bus operator to report violations.

4511.76 Administrative rules for school bus construction, design, equipment, operation and licensing.

4511.761 School bus inspections.

4511.762 School bus no longer used for transporting school children.

4511.763 Licensing by department of public safety.

4511.764 School buses must be registered and have identifying number.

4511.77 School bus - painting and marking.

4511.771 Signal lamps to be equipped with flashing red and amber lights.

4511.772 Occupant restraining device for operator.

4511.78 Mass transit system - transportation of school children.

4511.79 Driving commercial vehicle with impaired ability or alertness prohibited.

4511.80 [Repealed].

4511.81 [Effective Until 1/1/2014]Child restraint system - child highway safety fund.

4511.81 [Effective 1/1/2014] Child restraint system - child highway safety fund.

4511.82 Littering offenses.

4511.83 [Repealed].

4511.84 Earphones or earplugs on operator prohibited.

4511.85 Chauffeured limousines.

4511.90 Chautauqua assembly.

4511.95 Amended and Renumbered RC 4510.71.

4511.951 Amended and Renumbered RC 4510.72.

4511.98 Signs as to increased penalties in construction zones.

4511.99 Penalty.

4511.991 [Repealed].